ISO TC 184/SC4/WG15 N36

Date: 2018-06-15

Working Draft ISO 10303-238 Edition 2
Industrial automation systems and integration —
Product data representation and exchange —
Part 238: Application protocol: Model based integrated manufacturing

This is a working draft for the second edition of AP238. The baseline technical content has been converted to HTML. Each clause is in a file and most subclauses have a mnemonic anchor. The mappings are converted to specifications rather than tables, and application objects have links to mappings and EXPRESS-G. All figures are now SVG.

The document includes changes accumulated 2007-2016 from first edition deployment experience. These changes were originally documented in TC184/SC4/WG15N2. Prior to the start of second edition work, these were circulated as a proposed technical corrigendum (TC).

There is a new Annex K change log that describes the changes in detail.

Recipients of this draft are invited to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patent rights of which they are aware and to provide supporting documentation.

During development of this working draft, the document is being managed at the following GitHub repository:

ABSTRACT: This document specifies an application interpreted model (AIM) based on the application reference model for machining defined by ISO 14649-10, ISO 14649-11, ISO 14649-12, ISO 14649-111 and ISO 14649-121, augmented with ISO 10303 product geometry, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and product data management information.

KEYWORDS: data exchange, computerized numerical controler (CNC), machine tool, machining, milling, turning, GD&T, STEP-NC.


This is the second edition of ISO 10303-238. It incorporates technical corrections to the first edition identified in 10 years of implementation, converts the document source to HTML, and will add new capabilities for model based integrated manufacturing. A list of changes can be found in Annex K.

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Document TC184/SC4/WG15 N36